Shewsheep NFT just Sold out!

NFT is a big thing in this year. Shewsheep challenge himself and jump into this new frontier and meet new friends. Bitfolks NFT collection created by Poptoday put on sale on Rarible with unnique voxel style. 10 edition of Shewsheep “The Hungry” yellow sheep all sold out.

Thai Select x Shewsheep Let’s have a good Thai food in Seoul

Thai cuisine is considered one of the world’s finest, offering a wide range of dishes that should not be missed, including Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Fried Crab with Curry Paste, and Somtam. Fortunately, there are many Thai restaurants in Seoul that serve these delicious dishes. With the help of the Department of International Trade…

Shameless Buffet , all your dream menu in one box

Have you ever visited a buffet restaurant? Shewsheep definitely recommends it as the perfect place to have a great time with friends while satisfying your hunger. And now, you can experience the joy of eating at a buffet through the “Shameless Buffet” board game, designed by Tuang Dheandhanu. This game offers a unique experience of…

Dance with 130th Anniversary of Thai – Japan Diplomatic Relations.

In September 2017, as part of the celebration of the 130th Anniversary of Thailand-Japan Diplomatic Relations, Shewsheep participated in the opening ceremony of the “วิเทศไมตรี 130 ปี ไทย-ญี่ปุ่น” exhibition at the Nitas-Rattanakosin museum. During the ceremony, Shewsheep performed a dance alongside “Muay Thaichi” (ムエタイシ).

Live Drawing with “What’s your favorite food?”

In 15-16 July 2017, Poptoday (creator of Shewsheep) take a deep breath and step up to make his first Live Drawing at Tokyu Hands Shibuya. It was challenge ,it was fun… you must be surprise of what’s the most  favourite food japanese ask for.  

Shewsheep go to Tokyo with 6 more Thai Character friends.

This year is a great year to celebrates 130 years Thailand-Japan Diplomatic Relationship. Follow that Shewsheep has a big chance to grab on a TukTuk(Thai Taxi with 3 wheels) with Thai characters friends to celebrate this event with a pop-up store in Tokyo. Tokyu Hands is a variety store (I’m not sure that I said…