45 years of Garfield with Shewsheep

Shewsheep feels immensely honored to be invited to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the iconic cat Garfield. To mark this occasion, ten talented Thai artists were invited to create original works featuring Garfield. Poptoday is currently narrating the story of how two different species, Shewsheep and Garfield, from two distinct universes serendipitously met each other…

Jaja home paper toy x Shewsheep

Shewsheep brings the foodie vibe to Jaja home paper toy with 2 design as Shewbing – Bingsu truck for this summer. … and another design a gigantic Robo sushi restaurant that serve sushi on conveyer belt with robot.

Jump up in Split squad the game

A new journey awaits as Shewsheep, Ray, and Chompuu are unexpectedly transported to an alternate dimension within the “Split squad” game. Stranded in limbo, the trio must work together and stay united in their search for a means to ascend and break free from their otherworldly predicament.