Live Drawing with “What’s your favorite food?”

In 15-16 July 2017, Poptoday (creator of Shewsheep) take a deep breath and step up to make his first Live Drawing at Tokyu Hands Shibuya. It was challenge ,it was fun… you must be surprise of what’s the most  favourite food japanese ask for.









Shewsheep go to Tokyo with 6 more Thai Character friends.

This year is a great year to celebrates 130 years Thailand-Japan Diplomatic Relationship. Follow that Shewsheep has a big chance to grab on a TukTuk(Thai Taxi with 3 wheels) with Thai characters friends to celebrate this event with a pop-up store in Tokyo.

Tokyu Hands is a variety store (I’m not sure that I said it right , but they sell almost every thing here) that invite us to open pop-up store in their space to sell Shewsheep products and also collaborates on making new limited item for this event in July-August.



Embra japanese hype with making pins in gachapon



We parked here.




Ceramic cup
It’s tea time ,let’s have a cuppa

Antenna Box by Tokyu Hands Shinjuku 1 July 2017-31 July 2017

Tokyu Hands Shibuya 12 July 2017 – 18 July 2017

Tokyu Hands Toyosu 10 August 2017 – 21 August 2017



Eat All Day Café by COTTO x KIOSK x Eat All Day


It was like our dream come true that we have this surprisingly project. This café come from the idea of  COTTO  to give something fresh to customers and people in Siam Square –  the main shopping  area in Bangkok. COTTO has contact us to design the previous COTTO concept store into a character café with Shewsheep –  the Eat  All Day Sheep which we are very happy to  join not only a chance to try something new but also a great opportunity to give a new experience to our fans.


At  first we start with the decoration design on the walls of café but it end up that we also being a rookie food stylist to design every dessert menu in the café which very fun and challenging

Our highlight menu are

Eat  All Day Double Pancakes – Classic pancake menu with maple syrup and butter added by tasty Thai mango which surprisingly delicious mix up.

Heavy Weight Tiramisu – Soft and smooth with heavy taste and chocolate sauce.

Mille Crepe Mango flood –  Casual mille crepe with mango sauce and mango



At the café we have designed many spot  to let customer have fun to take a photo or even selfie such as Hall of fame corner that collect some hilarious gag from facebook page to show here, Shewsheep big size that  will sit around at many table wait for you to cuddle, 40 actions chairs – every chair has an unique emotion of Shewsheep on the back come and find which one is your favourite, etc.



Eat All Day Café at Siam Square One will open from 1June – 31August 2016 . If you have a chance to stop by or shopping at  Siam Square please come and have fun.


How to get there?

Eat All Day café

Siam Square One (3rd floor)

50 meters walk from BTS Siam Satation

Opening Hour

11:00 am – 9:00 pm (every day)

Event Period

1 June – 31 August 2016





Celebrate Chinese New Year in Hong Kong with Eat All Day Sheep

January 22th, 2015 was one of the most important and exciting day in my life. After these past two years that the yellow sheep, Shewsheep of Eat All Day ( has been a familiar face to you, he is now introduced to new friends in a new country. While this year is a ‘goat year’ in Thailand, in Hong Kong and Japan have is known as a ‘sheep year’, and Shewsheep has been chosen to feature in a Chinese New Year celebration with the Henderson Mall Group in Hong Kong throughout this February. There are 8 malls participating in this campaign which are 1.Tuen Mun Trend Plaza 2.Tseun Wan Citi Landmark I&II  3.Fanling Center 4.Fanling Dawning Views Plaza 5.Fanling Flora plaza 6.Shatin Center 7. Shatin Plaza and 8. Yuen Long Citimall; you will have Shewsheep greeting you from the entrance of these participating malls. Once you enter the mall, you will meet Shew Sheep in special Chinese New Year theme such as Shewsheep in a lion dance parade, Shewsheep in a chinese outfit lighting sausages firecracker, Shewsheep in an orange (auspicious fruit), Shewsheep as monkey king (from Xī yóu jì) riding a golden cloud along with a gigantic dimsum set, and also Shew Sheep as a cupid welcoming you into the Valentine’s vibe.
A warm welcome with his Lion Dance.
A warm welcome with his Lion Dance.
On the day, not only Shewsheep was joyfully introduced to the Hong Kong’s public, but I was also invited to present the opening ceremony with a famous Hong Kong actress. I did not know that I would be so nervous as I really was, I even jumped a bit when the paper shoot confetti was blown out and covered the whole event hall! Apart from the Shewsheep decorations, I got a chance to draw a Chinese New Year greeting card in the event as well. Another happy moment was that not only Shewsheep was a likable character to the Henderson Mall Group, but they loved his eating characteristic as well and developed the eating concept into a Gourmet Theme Park, in which Shewsheep will appear on various food recommendation sign in these 8 malls.
Opening ceremony with joy.
Opening ceremony with joy.
It's time to celebrate. Light it up!!
It’s time to celebrate. Light it up!!


Shewsheep as a cupid is on duty.
Shewsheep as a cupid is on duty.
And dimsums are ready to serve.
And dimsums are ready to serve.


At Shatin center Shewsheep had too many orange ,so he became an orange.
At Shatin center Shewsheep had too many oranges ,so he became an orange.
Apart from the event, there were photo sessions and interview sessions with various media press. The press were not only interested in the Eat All Day sheep, but also in growth and variety of Thailand’s character design industry and Thailand’s animation industry. The press were especially interested in our Thai New Year festival(Songkran). They questioned about our special ceremony or special ‘thing’ that we do on Thai New Year, its history, its tradition, its activity, and special food during the celebration. It seems very much in Hong Konger’s eyes, Thailand is quite an interesting country.
Writing "Happy New Year" for the press.
Writing “Happy New Year” for the press.
Personally, this trip was a giant step for me and I am very proud that the character has been accepted in a more in a wider market, despite the fact that Hong Kong has already embraced many designed characters both locally and internationally. A part of me is hoping that the fans and everyone who likes and follows Eat All Day sheep would be proud of Shew Sheep and would like to share this happiness with me that “our sheep” has stepped a little step further. A big gigantic thanks to everyone 🙂
Good bye Hong kong with fantastic dessert, and hope we meet again.
Good bye Hong kong with fantastic dessert, and hope we meet again.
If anyone get a chance to visit Hong Kong during this February, you can visit Shew Sheep in 3D at these malls in the New Territory : 1.Tuenmun Trend Plaza 2.Tseun Wan Citi Landmark I&II 3.Fanling Center 4.Shatin Center (with MTR map below). If you get to take a couple photo with Shew Sheep, don’t forget to share with us!
hongkong map