Mr.Shewsheep and his friend in a short comic.

comiccoverJust a normal BBQ time with friend….

comic1stpageRead more at …. here


For your productive year.


Let’s have a Good (or may be food) Year in 2015.

Download to use as wallpaper at our facebook page

WeChat and the sheep


Yessssss!! Animated Sticker of Eat All Day Sheep.  16 Action in a set which we crafted for you and it’s free!!

If you using Wechat , let the sheep make your chat more fun. Enjoy ^ _ ^

Here are some sample…

Yay yaySushi I love itCan I taste that?hmmm


Eat All Day Sheep in LINE Creators market

So proud, and so fun.
So proud, and so fun.

Here we are!!  LINE Sticker + Eat All Day Sheep

If you like it , go to LINE sticker shop and search for  “Eat all they sheep” our sheep will be right there waiting for you in Creator’s stickers section

Hope you like it. 😀