Live drawing at Loft @SiamDiscovery

Today is the day that Poptoday sit to meet fans and serve their favorite food and Shewsheep with Live drawing. …and Yes!!! with gigantic Shewsheep too!! And you can find Shewsheep stuff here at Loft lifestyle store in Bangkok.

Shameless Buffet , all your dream menu in one box

Have you ever visited a buffet restaurant? Shewsheep definitely recommends it as the perfect place to have a great time with friends while satisfying your hunger. And now, you can experience the joy of eating at a buffet through the “Shameless Buffet” board game, designed by Tuang Dheandhanu. This game offers a unique experience of…

Today at Apple with Shewsheep & Poptoday

We were deeply honored to receive an invitation from Apple to share the story of Shewsheep. During the event, Poptoday recounted the beginnings of Shewsheep, discussed its present state, and offered insights into its potential future. Moreover, valuable ideas and tips were shared on how to create and adapt character designs to better suit your…

Thai chara @ Tokyo 2018

As “Thai chara @ Tokyo” enters its second year, Shewsheep makes a triumphant return to Tokyo, taking on a new challenge in collaboration with “The Archivist studio.” Together, we have created a collection of art prints featuring Shewsheep paired with refreshing beverages like beer (η”Ÿγƒ“γƒΌγƒ«πŸΊ) and juicy watermelon (γ‚Ήγ‚€γ‚«πŸ‰). Technique: Screen Printing on PaperSize: 11.7″…

Everything will gets better with Sprinkle on top

Take a look at the debut soft vinyl art toy collaboration between Shewsheep and Unbox Industry! This delightful collectible art toy Shewsheep relaxing on his favorite snack, with sprinkle on top.

Jump up in Split squad the game

A new journey awaits as Shewsheep, Ray, and Chompuu are unexpectedly transported to an alternate dimension within the “Split squad” game. Stranded in limbo, the trio must work together and stay united in their search for a means to ascend and break free from their otherworldly predicament.