Eat All Day Café by COTTO x KIOSK x Eat All Day


It was like our dream come true that we have this surprisingly project. This café come from the idea of  COTTO  to give something fresh to customers and people in Siam Square –  the main shopping  area in Bangkok. COTTO has contact us to design the previous COTTO concept store into a character café with Shewsheep –  the Eat  All Day Sheep which we are very happy to  join not only a chance to try something new but also a great opportunity to give a new experience to our fans.


At  first we start with the decoration design on the walls of café but it end up that we also being a rookie food stylist to design every dessert menu in the café which very fun and challenging

Our highlight menu are

Eat  All Day Double Pancakes – Classic pancake menu with maple syrup and butter added by tasty Thai mango which surprisingly delicious mix up.

Heavy Weight Tiramisu – Soft and smooth with heavy taste and chocolate sauce.

Mille Crepe Mango flood –  Casual mille crepe with mango sauce and mango



At the café we have designed many spot  to let customer have fun to take a photo or even selfie such as Hall of fame corner that collect some hilarious gag from facebook page to show here, Shewsheep big size that  will sit around at many table wait for you to cuddle, 40 actions chairs – every chair has an unique emotion of Shewsheep on the back come and find which one is your favourite, etc.



Eat All Day Café at Siam Square One will open from 1June – 31August 2016 . If you have a chance to stop by or shopping at  Siam Square please come and have fun.


How to get there?

Eat All Day café

Siam Square One (3rd floor)

50 meters walk from BTS Siam Satation

Opening Hour

11:00 am – 9:00 pm (every day)

Event Period

1 June – 31 August 2016






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