Shameless Buffet , all your dream menu in one box

Have you ever visited a buffet restaurant? Shewsheep definitely recommends it as the perfect place to have a great time with friends while satisfying your hunger. And now, you can experience the joy of eating at a buffet through the “Shameless Buffet” board game, designed by Tuang Dheandhanu. This game offers a unique experience of the mealtime fun, including naughty activities that can occur when your friend tries to steal the delicious-looking food you want to eat.

This isn’t just any ordinary buffet restaurant, but an international one with an extensive menu of 50 items, including Western, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and spicy Thai-Esan dishes. If you enjoy spending quality time with friends and family, then this board game is a must-try. However, be warned that your belly may rumble with hunger as you play through each menu card.


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